Sign up for V-Work’s Managed Service Packages 

Sign Up For V-Work's Managed Service Packages  4

V-Work is excited to announce the launch of our new Managed Services Packages.  

These add-on packages are available to all our WeManage Procurement customers, including both SaaS and Bespoke implementations. 

What are Managed Services?

Many organizations embarking on digital transformation struggle to successfully onboard and integrate new technology into their teams. This can be due to factors such as long setup processes, tedious governance requirements, short-lived onboarding and training, or lack of resources.  

V-Work’s Managed Services are optional add-ons that help smoothen the transition and lighten the workload to help your team achieve more with less on WeManage Procurement by:  

  • Enhancing onboarding engagement 
  • Managing sourcing exercises 
  • Providing on-site support 

Why Should I Sign Up for Managed Services? 

Sometimes, you need a little helping hand to kick-start your digital transformation. With the help of our team of skilled professionals, you can accelerate the implementation of your eProcurement system. 

What’s Included in Each Managed Service Package? 

Our Managed Service Packages are grouped into 3 categories. You can pick and choose packages based on the scope that best suits your organization’s needs. 

Sign Up For V-Work's Managed Service Packages  5

How do I Sign Up for Managed Service Packages?  

To enquire or sign up for Managed Service Packages, contact our customer success team. We will be there to help answer any questions you have and help tailor a set of packages to suit your budget and needs. 

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